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Every DUAL Oliva construction quote that covers Own Plant will automatically include DUAL Oliva DNA+ worth £550, free of charge.

Each bottle of the DUAL Oliva DNA+ forensic coding system contains a solution with uniquely coded microdots which are registered exclusively to your client. This system provides irrefutable evidence of ownership and, where used, is proven to be a powerful deterrent to thieves as well as increasing the likelihood that lost or stolen possessions are returned to their rightful owner.

Once your insured has erected the signage, applied the solution and registered online, we will reduce their theft excess by 50%.

The kit includes:

  • Warning signage and labels
  • DUAL Oliva DNA+ dispensers
  • Applicator
  • Swabs
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Theft excess voucher

Advanced forensic protection

Ensure all surfaces to be coded are clean, dry and free from grease, oil or dirt

Unscrew the cap then dab the brush along the surface to be marked, gently rotating the brush between your fingers

The coded microdots may be visible on light surfaces, which is why it should be applied in concealed areas

Shake the dispenser thoroughly for around 30 seconds (and occasionally whilst applying) to ensure that the particles are evenly distributed throughout the liquid

Apply the Dual Oliva DNA+ to a number of areas

The liquid is white when applied but clears as it dries

When finished, clean the top of the bottle and replace the cap securely

A tiny trace of Dual DNA+

Each Dual Oliva DNA+ forensic microdot is just 1mm in diameter.
A tiny trace of Dual DNA+ is all you'll need to provide enough evidence for forensic analysis. 

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