About DUAL Oliva

DUAL Oliva is the commercial arm of DUAL Corporate Risks, a market-leading MGA.

DUAL has built a reputation as a specialist underwriting group and the market of choice for insurance intermediaries around the world. Our success is built on creating and delivering the right products to the right people.

Strong, profitable relationships

DUAL Oliva is very proud to be part of one of the largest international MGAs as our plans mirror the DUAL Group’s own ambitious growth plans. We understand what brokers need through decades of personal experience and we take huge pride in delivering all aspects of customer service to ensure thriving long term relationships.

"I know that an MGA has to be different to stand out in what is becoming a crowded market place but with our team of experienced and specialist underwriters linked with our own unique product offerings I am confident we can help you to both prosper and grow.

DUAL Oliva is determined to remain ahead of the crowd and is keen to discuss exciting business opportunities with our brokers whether in areas we currently write or new portfolios.

Not all MGA’s are the same. Find this out for yourself by contacting me or any one of the teams through the links on the following pages."

- Cliff Browne, Managing Director.

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