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When companies work at airports most policies will automatically exclude the legal liability associated and therefore at DUAL Oliva we have engineered a solution, Airside Protect to cover your client’s exposure.

Features and benefits

  •  Airside Liability Wording (as detailed below)
  •  A rated security
  •  Specialist knowledge of the industry in partnership with a well-established Aviation insurer
  •  Fast quote turnaround
  •  Contract Certain terms ready to send to your clients
  •  Standalone product, no requirement to additionally insure the balance of casualty covers
  •  Flexible Limits of Liability including higher limits normally required for working at Major Airports
  •  Personal Injury Extension
  •  Corporate Defence Costs.

Targeted trades 

Concessionaires, contractors and suppliers needing to work airside at any UK airport, including military.


Airside Protect Proposal Form
Airside Protect Product Overview


  Kayleigh Franklin

Kayleigh Franklin

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